The art curriculum fosters the four essential elements of art learning: aesthetic perception, creative expression, art heritage, and aesthetic valuing. The methods allow for a spiraling effect in the presentation of the elements and principles of art and in the use of different media.

Art skills are introduced progressively at appropriate stages enabling students to develop an awareness of how societies express values through visual forms. Multicultural art lessons help students experience cultural diversity.

The objectives of the art curriculum are:

  • to encourage creative expression

  • to introduce students to a wide variety of artistic media

  • to provide a supportive atmosphere that enables each student to express herself or himself freely through the arts

  • to guide students in their appreciation of both one’s own talent and the talents of others.




The music curriculum enables the inner selves of the students to find expression in song and dance. By learning to perform as a unit, each student group practices physical discipline, cooperation, and active listening.

Through the music courses, all students will be able to develop the ability to appreciate music, read basic music, sing, and move to a variety of rhythms, learn about various instruments and their sounds, and practice and sing many contemporary and traditional Liturgical hymns.

Students will be introduced to music from around the world and through the ages. They will be able to recognize composers and characteristics of classical, American jazz, spirituals, western, rock, and contemporary music. The knowledge base includes the fundamentals of keyboard, guitar, recorder, and percussion instruments as well as recognition of the sounds of instruments.

  • Students in primary grades are trained in musical concepts, including rhythm, harmony, tone, and melody.

  • All students have an opportunity to perform as a group before an audience.

  • Students in junior high explore music from a wide variety of cultures and times to become familiar with classical music in both instrumental and vocal forms, world music, and American forms of popular music from a mix of cultures.