Earl J. Chabot Memorial Library

Sacred Heart School Library

The library provides all students – pre-kindergarten through grade eight – and staff members with high quality reading, research, information, and media services. 

The library supports the curricula of the entire Sacred Heart School community. Library instruction is designed to engage students in critical thinking and problem solving skills whether they are working independently or cooperatively on projects or lessons.

  • Primary level students are introduced to literary and informational materials in the library to reinforce and develop the lessons learned in the classroom.

  • Students augment themes introduced in the classroom by tracing the themes through reading and research selections.

  • At the middle and junior high levels, students develop library skills to reinforce and augment classroom studies.

  • Resources for these older students include research materials and options for accessing sources in print and online to complement all subjects.

To access the SHS Library Catalog online, visit our LibraryWorld account homepage, at opac.libraryworld.com