Sacred Heart School views computer technology as a highly valuable tool to accomplish its mission and educational goals. A broad, school-wide technological infrastructure plan will ensure SHS contintues both to meet and surpass ISTE National Education Technology Standards (NETS). 

Technology Infrastructure

Following are some of the state-of-the-art capabilities that form the foundation of Sacred Heart School's technology platform:

  • High-speed broadband internet service

  • Modern network with IBM SystemX™ servers and gigabit(1000Mbps) connectivity

  • High definition HDTV displays in select areas

  • School-wide wireless coverage

  • SonicWall™ Internet security system

Computer Technology Room

An advanced computer lab is able to accommodate an entire class of 24 students. Each has access to identical current technology computer systems with large 19" LCD monitors, USB keyboards and optical mice. These systems were recently upgraded to include faster processors, more memory, and additional USB ports on the front for student input devices. The new computers will better support the explosion in digital multimedia work we have experienced in yearbook and DVD video creation, PowerPoint, and other projects.  While working on their computers, all students are able to view vivid, high-definition presentations from the instructor on a large 80" screen (via a ceiling-mounted DLP™ overhead projector). Also new in the Computer Technology room is a 46" LCD HDTV for viewing high-definition video content featured in the school's exclusive HD video library.  From re-tracing the steps of the Israelites in the middle east to exploring the details of nature, students can now learn by seeing videos in the amazing detail that only full HD (1920x1080 resolution) can provide.  Students tell us "it's like being there!"

High-speed Internet service and network switches ensure that all students are able to work without experiencing slow-downs whether they are accessing online or local network resources.  In the lab, students can also use the Sony Cybershot™ HD digital cameras and USB flatbed scanners.

Classroom Technology


Providing technologies in the classroom that can facilitate everyday learning is a key underpinning of the overall strategy.  Here, teachers use technology to stimulate collaboration and promote creative problem solving. It creates an exciting classroom atmosphere, allowing rich, virtual experiences.  Classroom technology includes:

  • IBM early learning centers in Pre-K and kindergarten classrooms

  • Dell Optiplex™ computer clusters in grades 1 through 5

  • In junior high classrooms, all computers have also been upgraded to the same models featured in the Computer Technology Room including new flat-panel LCD monitors

  • SMART Board interactive whiteboards (fixed and mobile) in science and math classrooms at the junior high level

  • Mobile laptop cart in library with IBM Thinkpad™ laptops for an entire class

  • We are continuing to expand ceiling-mounted DLP video projectors in classrooms so that teachers may easily enhance classroom learning by projecting content from their wireless laptops.

  • CD/DVD burners & USB flash devices

  • HP Laserjet™ color & monochrome network printers in every classroom

  • Multiple mobile DVD and DLP™ projection video carts on each floor


The library utilizes a ceiling-mounted DLP™ overhead projection and sound system to provide technology-assisted learning and research.  The library also manages an extensive pool of  IBM ThinkPad laptop computers that connect wirelessly to the Sacred Heart Network and the Internet and are used throughout the school.


This meeting hall and gathering place houses a powerful overhead projection system with PC connectivity that complements a  high-tech sound system to deliver rich presentations and videos for large groups and school assemblies.

Teacher Technology

Faculty and staff have access to laptop computers that are integrated with the schools network and infrastructure.  They utilize email to facilitate communications with parents and colleagues. Teachers use RenWeb ParentsWeb to keep parents up-to-date on the latest class happenings, communicates upcoming plans, provides details on assignments and chronicles past class events.

Educational Resources

Numerous software, Internet and video applications are available to students and teachers throughout the school to enhance learning.  Our recently updated exclusive high-definition HD video library with FullHD™(1920x1080) widescreen titles  is available on all computers and is organized by subject for easy access by all. Students may now quickly choose the subject they would like to work in, simply by navigating to the appropriate folder in the favorites list of the web browser, both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.