The full-day kindergarten environment at Sacred Heart School draws upon the child’s innate sense of awe and wonder to stimulate learning. Children are inspired to experience and share through all of their many intelligences. Children are encouraged to learn about, understand, and appreciate each child’s culture, ethnicity, abilities, and talents so that all feel valued and respected for their unique contributions to the kindergarten family.

The kindergarten experience supports children as they:

  • practice behavior that shows respect and kindness to all of God’s children

  • learn about reading and writing from listening to stories read aloud and from reading and writing with their teachers

  • build foundations for reading and writing through identifying letter-sound relationships in phonics

  • use concrete objects to represent numbers, compare quantities, identify shapes, sort objects, and graph patterns

  • learn problem-solving skills through math stories

  • observe and discuss weather and seasonal changes, investigate the life processes of plants and animals, and experiment with shapes, magnets, and water

  • find their places as individuals, family members, and part of the school community

  • experience the joy and excitement of discovery and creativity in art, music, and physical education • use age-appropriate computer technology in activities to introduce them to the computer, keyboard, mouse, and instructional software.           

When children leave kindergarten, they have confidence in themselves as independent thinkers and know and appreciate the importance of being called to take their places in a community that expects each person to behave with respect and kindness to every other person. The kindergarten experience at SHS supports children as they discover their own whole-ness and holy-ness, as well as their roles in their families and their school.

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