Pre-kindergarten is offered for 3 and 4 year-old children. A strong curriculum will engage your young child within a school setting that supports creativity, play-as-learning, and special activities.  The Pre-kindergarten experience is available five days (mornings or full school day) each week. 

Each child is recognized for the special gifts and abilities he or she brings to the Pre-kindergarten setting.  In age-appropriate activities,  the child’s intellectual, social, physical, and emotional development are fostered and the child’s spiritual dimension is cultivated. Specifically, Pre-kindergarten is designed to:

  • reinforce each child’s ability to listen, think, follow directions, speak clearly, respond properly, and relate information in a logical sequence;

  • support each child in building confidence in his or her abilities;

  • praise each child’s efforts in mastering skills and moving toward increased independence;

  • encourage each child to work cooperatively in groups, to build and sustain friendships, to share classroom materials, and to take responsibility for one’s own actions;

  • provide opportunities to develop gross and fine motor skills;

  • foster within each child a beginning awareness of God’s love, of individual and group prayer, and of the importance of the seasons of the liturgical year.

Learning centers in the Pre-kindergarten room are specially designed to encourage creative play and to support both interactive and independent learning. All activities tap the child’s sense of curiosity and creativity while instilling a love of learning. The spiritual dimension of the child is nurtured to provide a direction for life.


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