Uniform Closet

Thanks to the efforts of several dedicated parent volunteers, SHS offers all parents the opportunity to shop for free uniform components for their children.  Based on the reality that children outgrow their clothes very rapidly – sometimes within a trimester! – SHS invites parents to donate clean, laundered uniforms to the Uniform Closet by dropping them off at any time during the year in designated areas in the SHS Front Lobby. 

The program relies on parent participation, so families are encouraged to turn in uniform articles that their children have outgrown and that are clean and in good condition. All components are accepted, including shirts, blouses, skirts, pants, jumpers, vests, sweaters, and gym uniforms.

Parents are not obliged to donate uniforms.  Parents new to SHS as well as parents who haven’t donated uniforms may select any components they want or need.

Remember, all uniform components are free.  You are invited to take as many components as you would like – you may even take a few different sizes just to make certain they fit properly. SHS asks only that you return those components that you don’t use.

Please contact the Main Office for Uniform Closet hours and additional information.