Winter Weather

Weather-related closing/delays

In case of a weather-related delay or cancellation, parents will be notified via text message and/or voice message and/or email blast via our “Robo-Call” system*. Cancellations/delays will also be listed on Channel 9 – WMUR-TV.

Delayed Start:

Before-Care will not be available.

Half-day Pre-Kindergarten will be cancelled.

Early Dismissal:

After-Care will not be available.  

All children must be picked up at the early dismissal time.

Robo-Call System*:

This system alerts our families of any weather-related closing/delay information by way of telephone calls, emails and texts. This list contains home numbers, cell numbers and email addresses. Please consider that if we are going to close, that the voice call will come early in the morning.  Email Cheryl at with any changes or preferences. 


Dressing for Recess

Students will not go outside for recess unless the temperature/wind chill is 20 degrees Fahrenheit or above.

Students should wear warm winter jackets and/or bring boots (dress shoes should be brought to wear indoors), hats and gloves to school so he/she can be warm and dry during our mid-day recess. 

To be permitted off the asphalt, Jr. High students must wear boots and Pre-K through 5th grade students are required to wear boots and snow pants.