Co-Curricular Activities


Student Council

In an effort to develop leadership qualities and teach students how to interact with each other for the common good, SHS encourages junior high students to participate in Student Council. Each junior high class elects Student Council officers and representatives. Members of the Student Council meet to discuss ideas and issues that their classmates consider important. The topics of their discussions and deliberations are important, but even more is learning to develop a sense of polite exchange in which each person’s views are presented and considered. Members of the Student Council learn the discipline needed to be good individual leaders and effective members of a leadership team.


School Yearbook

Students who work on the Yearbook can experience the joy of taking a project from concept to completion. They can hone or develop their artistic and organizational skills while they enjoy the fun and camaraderie of working together on a major project


Service Projects

Every student enrolled at SHS is expected to perform service to the school or to the larger community. Projects are age-appropriate and engage the students at the level best suited to their perceptions and abilities.

School Enrichment Programs 

Throughout the year, SHS curriculum is complemented by special, age-appropriate programs that bring the wider world into the school.

Junior High Activities


  • Sargent Camp: As SHS Sixth Grade students begin junior high, they spend a week at Sargent Camp where they begin to grow in self-awareness and the awareness of their classmates. The experience includes time for quiet reflection, creative expression, discussion, and outdoor fun.

  • Dances: Junior high students coordinate dances with their moderator. Dances help students develop social skills and responsibility as they learn to work together, to seek appropriate permission, to make necessary arrangements, to avoid scheduling conflicts, to comply with standards of behavior, and to enlist chaperones.