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Curriculum Night

Curriculum Night |TH Sept. 20, 2018

We are excited to invite you to this year’s Curriculum Night!

Who Attends: Parents/Guardians only

This night is NOT intended for students.

Curriculum Night is an overview of your student’s daily schedule, course load and what they will be learning this year. It is a great night to get to know your child(ren)’s teacher(s), as well as their expectations for the year.

Please be aware that it is not meant to be a parent/teacher conference time and is designed to be an evening for parents/guardians only. Two identical sessions are being offered for PreK-5 families with more than one child. Jr. High parents will be able to follow your child's class schedule and hear from each teacher they have.

Below is the schedule for the night:

PreK-5 | 5:00-5:30pm—Session 1 (Arrive 4:45-5:00)

PreK-5 | 5:30-6:00pm—Session 2

6th Grade | 6:00-7:10pm - Click here for the night's schedule

7th and 8th Grade | 6:00-7:30pm - Click here for the night's schedule

Sargent Camp Info. Night for 6th grade parents/guardians in the library | Immediately following Curriclum Night


Aftercare Program will close at 5:00pm on Curriculum Night

This is for the safety of the students as we would not have a sufficient number of staff available to watch the potentially high number of children.

If your child(ren) is(are) playing on the playground during a session THEY MUST BE SUPERVISED BY AN ADULT. Please do not leave them unsupervised for their safety!

Thank you for your understanding.