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Nurse's Corner



1. Parents, please remember to take your children’s temperatures before school each day as we will not be checking them on a regular basis at this time. This is especially important if you are carpooling.


2. Please refer to our Parent’s Guide for returning to school.  This guide can be seen below, and should help you decide when and if you should get your child tested for Covid-19 and when they can return to school.


3. I am encouraging everyone to get their flu vaccine!  It is especially important this year, as flu symptoms are so similar to Covid-19 symptoms.


4. I am still missing some paperwork for the start of the school year.  I am working on sending out emails to everyone that is missing something.  Please watch for the emails and do your best to get the needed forms/physicals back to me as soon as possible.


5. Fall is here!  Let’s get outside and enjoy the fresh air before it’s too cold.  Rake some leaves, take a hike, pick some apples, get your pumpkins, take in nature!

Thank you and have a healthy week! 

Nurse Griffin
SHS Nurse

Flu shots are encouraged!

Based on the Surgeon General’s recommendations, we are encouraging all of our families to get their flu vaccine this year.


A Flu Guide for Parents-Click here

Many of the symptoms of the flu are the same as Covid-19 symptoms, and we want to reduce the confusion of which virus you may have.

If you get the flu, your immune system will be compromised and therefore you may be more susceptible to contracting other viruses such as Coronavirus.

We wouldn’t want someone to end up getting both the flu and COVID-19 at the same time.

Students may already end up missing more days of school this year because of the Covid-19 protocols. If they get their flu vaccine, they may not have to miss extra days because of the flu.

Stay healthy and safe!

SHS 20-21 Return