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One Day in Kindergarten

Each day in Kindergarten we gather for our morning meeting which includes reviewing the days of the week, months of the year, how many days we have been in school, a daily estimation problem, a pattern, the weather, and a daily math problem. We work one on one with the teacher or in small groups to complete our Math, Science, Religion, and Reading daily work. We have centers in our room; writing, art, books, and kitchen. We listen to stories, make some great masterpieces in Art, practice our Fundation cards and always have fun adventures!



Superkids by Zaner-Bloser

· Superkids builds language and background knowledge while simultaneously developing the decoding habit.

· The program provides specific Read-Aloud lessons to build listening comprehension.

· Provides phonic practice with longer and more sophisticated text, moving from letter-sound blending to simple decoding of words, phrases, sentences, and text.

· Encompasses all parts of Language Arts: reading, spelling, phonics, vocabulary, handwriting, grammar, listening/comprehension, and speaking.

· Stories and songs for every character.



Discovery Education

· Students will learn through stories, hands-on activities, and songs. They will have the chance to touch nature in most activities.

Units include:

- Exploring the human body and five senses

- Identifying healthy habits

- Exploring forces that move

- Observing growth of plants

- Identifying seasons and weather conditions

- Identifying living and non-living things




· Every unit has hands-on activities

Topics include:

- Number sense

- Addition

- Subtraction

- Measurement and data

- Sorting and classifying

· Visual learning (technology)

· Differentiated instruction (leveled activities)

· Literature (math stories)

· Continuous review of topics



We Believe by Sadlier

· Rooted in Scripture

· Celebrate the Mass and sacraments

· Allow children freedom to explore their images of God through creative art, storytelling, and play.

· Pray every day.

Units include:

- God Gives us Many Gifts

- God is our Creator

- Jesus Shows us God’s Love

- Jesus Wants us to Share God’s Love



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