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The testimonials below were taken directly
from unsolicited Facebook comments... Thank you!

"Catholic education today is not what you remember or probably think it is! 

I send my kids to Catholic school for a faith based education that aligns with the values we live out at home. SHS sets a standard for kids that is above the norm. There is a spirit of excellence that is inspired from simple things like the dress code to more important things like mentorship between older and younger students. The curriculum is intense, and I often struggle with this, but I also see my boys rising to the challenge with a competitive desire to do well. 

Children, like anyone, will rise to the level of our expectations. SHS is setting an expectation for mind, body and spirit that inspires me as a parent and gives me hope for my children. I love SHS and would be happy to share more about my personal experience at this school."

 Kim Daly (Jack '21and Luke '22)

"My only regret about Sacred Heart was waiting to send my kids there till they reached Middle School.  Wish they started in Pre School.  So grateful for SHS and the new family we have from it."

Jennifer Klopotoski (Stanley '17 and Kayla '19)

The "keys of virtue" that SHS continues to promote helps to create a student body of the most polite, grateful, and encouraging kids. I never imagined a school could contribute so much to a child's upbringing beyond the teaching of math, english, science, and other studies.

Sarah Smith (Lexi '21 and Carli  '25)

Sacred Heart School is clearly the best educational decision I made 16 years ago! My three children have been so well prepared for high school and beyond!

Holly Cassidy (Madeleine '09, Marielle '13 and Cameron '17)

"I highly recommend Sacred Heart school! No regrets of sending my two daughters there! Great education and great teachers!

Kim Jaster (Emily '10 and Kelly '14)

Loved it from the first day, and it keeps getting better!

Meghan Dyer (Emily '21, Ryan '24, Brandon '26 and Kaitlyn '29 )