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Campus Ministry - Bible Study

BLAZE is a Walking with Purpose ministry for teen/tween girls.

It was created to counteract the way our society drives girls to question their identity, worth and beauty.

Through BLAZE, we emphasize how a girl's identity is rooted in Christ as God's chosen, beloved daughter.

Send $20 (for materials) and Registration Form to Mrs. Carmody or the Front Office in an envelope marked "Blaze Bible Study" 

* Registration Form *
Deadline: Tuesday, February 13th


"Blaze Beyond":

6 lessons:
Feb. 13th | “Say No to Drama”
Feb. 15th | “Toxic vs. Champion Friendships”
Feb. 20th | “Loving What God Loves”
Feb. 22nd | “Seek & You Will Find”
Mar. 5th | “Forgiveness & Healing”
Mar. 7th | “Set the World on Fire”

• Each week, participants are led through an icebreaker activity and a short lesson pertinent to the challenges girls face today. 

As the girls are introduced to the Bible in relevant and fresh ways, they will hear Jesus telling them how loved and beautiful they are! 

BLAZE is a program of Walking with Purpose – a nonprofit women's ministry.  Our mission is to help every Catholic woman and girl in America encounter Jesus Christ through our Bible studies.


BLAZE Ministry Objectives:

To teach the girls that they are unconditionally loved by their heavenly Father. 

To explain the Gospel message of salvation in a way middle school girls understand. 

To teach girls how to differentiate between truth and lies. 

To teach girls to base their worth on being children of God. To teach the girls how to pray in their own words. 

To teach the girls how to use the Bible as a tool for spiritual growth. 

That the material learned in BLAZE and relationships fostered provides an alternative to the unhealthy way our culture encourages teens to cope with challenges of their stage of life.


Sign up by Feb. 13th

Starts Feb. 13th | Tuesdays & Thursdays 3-4pm

Last session: Mar. 7th

BLAZE Testimonials:

“BLAZE made me realize that it’s okay to have doubts. To grow stronger in your faith, we have to ask questions, and I feel that it's a big part of BLAZE. I also feel that every time I walk out of BLAZE, my faith is stronger.”  

-Isabella, Grade 8

 “I learned many things this year from BLAZE, but the lesson that mostly stood out to me it doesn’t matter what you look like, you are always beautiful to God.”  

-Katie, Grade 8

"I loved BLAZE because it taught us that God is always with us.  BLAZE talks about how we don’t need to have popular friends, we make important decisions and we are beautiful inside and out.  BLAZE taught me so much, and I hope I get to do it again in 8th grade." 

-Abigail, Grade 7